Supporting you to rise up from low self-esteem, stress

and burnout.

Teaching you how to put yourself first, to stop searching for approval from others and to start approving of yourself.

I help you take back control and live a life that you choose. 


The only approval you need is yours.

Be the priority. Respect yourself. Take Control.



Hi I am Fiona and I know just how you feel.


You are an overachiever.

You are highly driven and focused, you need to do your best in everything you do, you need to excel, you rely on everyone else’s approval to feel ‘happy’.

But I know you. I was you.

You are spending too much time conforming, pleasing others, ‘climbing the ladder’, that not only have you lost who you are, you no longer approve of who you are. You try so hard to perfect everything in your life in a constant search for the approval of others that you have forgotten how to actually live it. You are exhausted, running yourself into the ground, taking on far too much because you worry about saying No, you worry about disappointing others.

You have now completely forgotten what it feels like to be you anymore and you have such little self worth that you have neglected yourself and your health. But as you are constantly seeking the approval of others, running yourself off your feet and putting yourself last, have you ever honestly considered what you are doing to your health?

As you seek approval, as you rush, as you stress, as you pile more and more on your plate you are putting immense pressure on your bodies. Our bodies have not evolved to manage the pressure or the pace of our modern lives. Our nervous system was designed to experience stress only when life is in danger, but now our bodies are perceiving ‘danger’ as emails, ‘To-Do’ lists, hectic schedules. But in this state, when our bodies thinks our lives are at risk, it shuts down ‘unnecessary’ functions that is doesn’t need in that ‘fight or flight’ moment. Ever realised that when you are stressed you have digestive issues, your skin gets worse, your menstruation is off? Quite literally you are running your bodies into the ground and you risk long term health issues as a result.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I will help you overcome your lack of self worth, rise up from stress, find out who you are when all seems lost and grow even when you think you are so burnt out that you have nothing left to give. I want you to start approving of yourself so that you start putting yourself, your own well-being, your happiest and your health first.

I help you to strip everything back, get raw and get real.

Together we get clear on why you keep putting yourself last, why you have such low self esteem and why you keep saying yes to everyone else but not yourself. I support you to understand the importance of putting yourself first, to accept and respect yourself enough to realise your own worth and potential.

I will teach you how to listen; listen to your body, your environment, yourself. You will start to invest in every aspect of your well-being as you understand that to live a happy life everything needs to be aligned. You stop trying to control everything and focus just on you.

I want you to start to have actually having some fun, to enjoy the moment, to be spontaneous. To live.

I help you to go from exhausted to energised, run down to renewed and low to limitless.  


So, tell me, are you ready…

  • To no longer feel anxious, exhausted and stuck on a hamster wheel.

  • To stop seeking the approval of others but to approve of yourself.

  • To accept yourself for who you really are and respect yourself enough to put yourself first.

  • To take control of your life again and be the one who decides how you live your life.

  • To get enough sleep and have an abundance of energy to live your life how you want to live it and become your healthiest self yet.

  • To stop struggling with your health, your weight, your skin, your periods.

  • To feel empowered and confident to take charge.

  • To understand that it’s OK to say NO and that only by doing so you will grow and develop.

  • To learn how to effortlessly look after yourself.

  • To walk with confidence, with purpose.

  • To have an abundance of time.

  • To reignite your fire.

  • To enjoy your life again.

  • To feel limitless.

Want to feel like this, find out what’s involved…

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