1:2:1 Coaching

If any of the below apply to you, you are in the right place:

  • You have forgotten who you are.

  • You are so hopelessly seeking the approval of others that you have lost your own self worth.

  • You try to do everything, a slave to your to do list. You desperately try to juggle everything.

  • You are a perfectionist who tries to be everything to everyone and you can’t sit still because it would be ‘wasted time’.

  • You are stressed, burnt out, lacking drive or a lust for life.

  • You are anxious and often feel so overwhelmed that you cry unexpectedly and snap at loved ones.

  • You are unable to sleep. You “can’t remember” the last time you rested and had a good nights sleep.

  • You have let your health come last and you feel so unhealthy in your own skin but powerless to do anything about it.

  • You reach out to alcohol or food as a way to “live”.

  • You don’t usually ask for help as you can “handle it”.

  • You spend endless hours in a job in which you can’t see ‘the point’ because you have a fear of failing or disappointing others.

  • You no longer approve of who you are.

  • You have forgotten how to put yourself first.

I listen to you when it feels like no-one else does.

Through my coaching you will get honest about how you are feeling right now, what are your challenges? Where in your life are you living a lie? What is the cause of your stress and anxiety? You will get clear about exactly what you want from your life, you will unearth your passions, you will relight your fire and your love for life. Together we will clearly define your goals and get clear about exactly what you want from your life. We will explore what is holding you back from having that all already and we will challenge your limits with a clear, actionable plan to move you closer to your goals.

Through my 1:2:1 coaching you will learn how to take back control of your life. You will stop trying to please others and understand that your approval is all that matters. You will understand that it is OK to put yourself first, that it’s OK to say no, that it doesn’t matter what others think. You will grow, you will develop, you will decide how you want to live your life. You will no longer feel anxious, exhausted and stuck on a hamster wheel but you will have abundant energy, confidence, and time. You will become your healthiest, happiest self and fully respect who you are. You will understand what is driving your health issues and how you can feel truly healthy in your own skin.

You will learn that life is not just about getting everything done but actually for living.

You will put yourself first and you will take back control.

So are you ready to put yourself first?

This is all about steps, putting one foot in front of the other, getting you to a life that you love and that you approve of. So why not start your journey right now and download the free resource I have created for you.


What is a coach?

A transformational life coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Just like a world class athlete would have a coach for their experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective, insight and knowledge, the same is relevant for anyone, whether they are a CEO, entrepreneur, business leader, a mum, a wife, a girlfriend, a yoga teacher, an accountant - your profession, age, marital status is irrelevant. A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a transformation process to help you to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and make big changes or shifts in your life. Coaching is a powerful experience, it challenges you, requires you to ask big questions to help you move forward.

How long is the process?

Your transformation is completely up to you. How much you are willing to invest, emotionally and practically. How much you are willing to step forward and make changes to achieve what you want. The number of sessions required to achieve a goal is completely individual, but through transformative coaching process you will see that there are many possibilities and opportunities in front of you and that your first goal is only the start. Many people have coaches ongoing whilst some work through a set number of sessions.

How does it work?

First I will work with you to define your vision and get very clear on exactly what you want, what you are passionate about, what you really want from your life. 

There is no one size fits all process. The process depends on each individual, each challenge, each goal. Practiced tools and techniques are used, but each programme and session will be specifically curated to support your individual needs. 

We will then explore in depth exactly what is holding you back from exactly what you want, reviewing any negative habits, patterns or beliefs. We look at how you can challenge these through actionable steps, to make better, more positive changes in your life to help you to move towards your goal.

At each stage, varying techniques and resources will be used to support your individual needs and journey and we will continually review how your progress throughout the process.

This process is highly individual to each client and this is why it works. 

As your coach I am committed to motivating you and challenging your mindset to realise your potential.

Each session is 60 minutes in length and can be done online or face to face from my office in London (Near Oxford Circus).

What do we cover?

Everything! Get ready because I’m not joking. When we look into what is holding you back, we look deeper into your career, your nutrition, your sleep, your relationships, your upbringing, your values, everything. If something is stopping you from what you want, we discuss it and we break it down. It can be uncomfortable, it can be challenging, but this is where the real change happens.

I don’t have any major problems will I still benefit from working with a life coach? 

If you have a goal, if you want to achieve more, if you want to thrive and reach your potential, a life coach will support you towards this goal

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Simply put; therapy looks back, a life coach looks forward. 

The past has happened, you can’t change it, the future is where our energy belongs.

How do I know if this coaching is right for me? 

My coaching is perfect for you if you want:

To learn how to say no and to take back control of your time and energy.

To understand how to create a work/life balance without jeopardising your progress.

To have more time to do more of what makes you happy.

Increased energy levels and confidence.

Empowerment to start putting you and your health first.

Self Respect.

To feel Limitless.

Will this process work for you?

This process WORKS for you if:

You are ready to fully invest time and energy into yourself.

You are ready to try things that may put you out of your comfort zone.

You are ready to deal with past emotions to help move your forward.

You are ready to be honest about your habits, your beliefs, your challenges.

You are ready to do this for you, no-one else.

This process WON’T WORK for you if:

You want to do a ‘12 week bikini boot-camp’.

You are not willing or ready to deal with deep routed emotions or change habits.

You do not commit to the timings or the content of the sessions.

You are not open minded to different ideas, tools, techniques.

You don’t commit to change.

Please note:

My 1:1 coaching is designed exclusively for women who are fully committed to challenging themselves, their mindset and their lifestyle to achieve their goals and the life that they desire. 

If you are serious about transformation, please do get in touch.

Have another question?


“ Before I started my coaching sessions with Fiona, I had a never ending to do list, was trying to juggle everything and felt stressed out. My sessions with Fiona helped me to put myself first (without feeling bad for doing so!) and to start saying no, rather than yes to everything that came my way! Fiona's coaching enabled me to figure out exactly what I want in my life and I am now beginning to take steps towards living the life that I really want to live! I will be forever grateful to Fiona – Thank you so much! ”


“ Working with Fiona was really inspiring. From week one to week six we really covered a lot of bases. We spoke about diet, sleep, relationships, work, thought patterns & deep rooted beliefs, plus much more.

She helped me with a weak spot of putting others first and agreeing to plans I never wanted to attend, she helped me clear my calendar of unwanted invitations in a truthful and loving way, to help me with my overwhelming schedule. This was one of my biggest take aways.

She listened to me when I really needed to rant, she helped me see that I am not alone in many ways I felt I was, and she helped me put myself first.

Working with Fiona came at a really great time for me, it was a time I worked a full time role, studied coaching, learnt tarot, created a website and began running my own events, while trying to have enough time for myself, friends and family!

I highly recommend working with Fiona, she is such a positive influence, she says it as it is and she really helps you pave a path forward that is right for you.

Lots of love for her. “


“ As a deeply spiritual person, I always go with “Everything happens for a reason” and I had reached a point, where i was craving change and growth. In the midst of a personal Transition, I highly resonated with one of Fiona’s Instagram posts and so serendipity took its place and I had an initial informal phone call with Fiona.

With Fiona’s knowledge and encouraging energy, I feel like our sessions have been a huge support for me. She has given me the courage to step into my true authentic self and to find a lifestyle that resonates with my values; along with clarifying what I’d like to pursue as a career.

Exciting stuff! Here’s to moving forward ”


" Over the course of three months Fiona has helped me to get a grasp on my ambition and what I want to do with my life. She is not only highly educated & qualified as a life coach, she is very approachable and affable; enabling me to become comfortable with talking about personal subjects. Fiona took the time to listen, ask questions and give me the right advice and guidance when needed.

After my sessions have finished I feel a lot more calm about what direction to take my life and I know that because of Fiona's professional help I am no longer scared to go after what I want"


" Before I joined Fiona's Coaching Program, I was very worried in terms of what it will bring. However, I decided to take the leap and signed up. It was the best thing I have ever done. The sessions gave me so much, opened my eyes and taught me to put myself FIRST. Fiona helped me to identify the challenges which were holding me back and realise that I am on my own journey and I can take it at my own pace.

I can't recommend Fiona enough and I will guarantee you, you will discover so many beneficial things about yourself. And mainly, you will look forward to every single session."


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