Are you a business owner? A team manager? A HR representative for your business?

We all know that when we are at our best we perform our best. The same is true for your employees.

Our modern society spends a considerable amount of time working, be that physically in an office or remotely ‘online’ where we have the opportunity to always ‘be on’, to always be ‘available’, with no opportunity to 'clock off’. Our work therefore has an unprecedented influence on our physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. But more often than not our health and well-being can become jeopardised as we get swept along with the constant demands of our ‘busy’ lives.

As individuals we should all be supported to feel our optimum, physically and mentally, encouraged to feel confident, motivated, empowered and energised.

Any workplace works as a team, but the truth is that any team is a collective of individuals and it is when those individuals thrive that we are better as a team.

Recognising the high proportion of time we spend at work, as employees we should be empowering our employees and our team-mates to help them to achieve their goals no matter how big or how small. We should be supporting one another to become the best version of ourselves; when we thrive as individuals, this is when we thrive as teams, this is when we thrive as businesses.

With the significant amount of time we all spend working, more than ever this should be an environment which focuses on looking after the well-being of our employees

In my work with businesses, I create a bespoke plan to align to their specific KPI’s as well as their well-being strategy plan. I work with the company to use employee led feedback to better understand the dynamics of the company, the specific challenges faced as well as the desired goals outlined to create a bespoke programme for each individual company.


  • Workshops allow employees to challenge their individualised belief systems and perspective, openly discussing and debating solutions in a group setting on the given topic. Addressing the key ‘pinch points’ as well as the desired outcome is key to supporting employees reach the right solution that will empower them to become more confident, motivated, energised and empowered in their work.

  • Topic: Employee Pre-Questionnaire determining appropriate topic to cover

  • Time: 60 minutes

    ** typical length of a workshop however this can be catered to the company’s specific requirements


  • As a motivational speaker I hope to provoke individuals to look at what is really holding them back from feeling their best, what their real challenges are, to provide a new perspective. My talks help teams to address what may be holding them back as individuals and as such consequently impacting their work as a team.

  • Topic: Discussing confidence, motivation, resilience, physical, mental and emotional well-being, habits and mindsets, talks are catered to the specificity of the companies needs.

  • Time: 60 minutes

    ** typical length of a talk however this can be catered to the company’s specific requirements

Employee 1:2:1 coaching

  • The challenges any individual faces is completely individual to them and as such so is the solution. Whilst workshops and talks can provide progressive thought and perspective, 1:2:1 coaching allows individualised challenges to be addressed fully and as such this is where significant transformative progress is made.

  • Time: 60 minutes per employee.

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